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Score Board Ads

Looking for a great advertising opportunity?
Consider Advertising on our score board-The score board is seen by 100's of people during football season as well as the off season, by people who come to walk the track, watch their students in other sports and drive past our Football Field... 



Cost of Advertisements:

Initial cost for a new sign: $1000.00 for a 2 season commitment

Renewal once your 2 seasons are up: $500.00 per year for as long as your sign is on the scoreboard. Invoices for renewals will go out in July.

Scoreboard on far end of Field is $2000 per side plus the cost of making sign. For renewals: $1000.00

Program Ads

Our Programs are an 8 1/2 by full color booklet which includes new pictures each week of the games and other fun happenings on our football field!

This is another great  advertising opportunity if looking for something more budget friendly!!

Program Ad Cost: One time ad price and renewal price. Ad will be in all programs.

Message: $50.00

Business Card: $100.00

1/4 page: $150.00

1/2 page: $200.00

Full Page: $300.00

Full Page Inside Front Cover:   $400.00

Full Page Inside Back Cover:   $400.00

Full Page Back Cover: $400.00

Invoices for ad renewal will go out in July.

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