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  • Oversees Board

  • Runs Board Meetings

  • Appoint committee chairpersons

  • Make sure all activities and events run smoothly


  • Receive monies on behalf of the club and promptly deposit into bank

  • Make disbursements in accordance with the financial policies in Section 9.5

  • Maintain accounting records in Quickbooks or Similar accounting software

  • Prepare and Distribute a Treasurers report at each Board Meeting

  • Prepare an annual report, reflecting all receipts and disbursements for each for each fiscal year and distribute the Annual Report to members within 120 days after the end of the fiscal year

  • Oversee the preparation and filing of tax returns, ensuring filing the Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board

  • Maintain good standing with the state of California, Secretary of State, by filing the bi-annual Statement of Information on form SI-100 by the deadline

  • Maintain good standing with the State of California Registry of Charitable Trusts by filing annual form RRF-1 and adhering to the Registry's regulatory requirements as required for raffles and other club activities

  • Give list of Reserved Seating members to Adina and pay for Reserved Seats


  • Keep an accurate record of the minutes of all meetings

  • Prepare and distribute meeting minutes

  • Bring reviewed minutes from previous meetings for approval

  • Maintain copies of membership lists

  • Keep copies of official documents that pertain to the Board


  • Promote Membership to Bear River Football Families

  • Help develop membership incentives at each level

  • Order Membership incentives

  • Create a list of members, their level of membership and what incentives they need 

  • Create a list of members-extras that were purchased and let Programs, Reserved Seating, etc. know who they are so can be put into programs and names on the bleachers

  • Sell during parent meeting in August and throughout the season

Reserved Seating:​

  • Promote Reserved Seating to Bear River Football, Cheer and Band Families

  • Help develop prices for Reserved Seats based on number of games per season

  • Create a list of members to give to the front gate

  • Create passes for entry into the game

  • Maintain Reserved Seating area-painting and updating names

  • Rope off Reserved Seating area during football games

  • Sell during parent meeting in August and throughout the season

Bruin Wear:

  • Work with vendors and help develop designs for t-shirts, hats and sweatshirts, etc. Get Board approval

  • Order maximum number of items based on Budget and come up with pricing

  • Have items ordered and ready for pre-sale during August parent meeting

  • Stock shelves in Bruin shed

  • Maintain inventory throughout the season, staying within budget

Snack Bar: 

  • Buy supplies for the snack bar in bulk before each home game-Sam's Club

  • Keep items stocked during the games

  • Come early to prep and prepare items to sell during the games

  • Delegate jobs for volunteers

  • Count monies earned with Treasurer at the end of the game

  • Clean and maintain snack bar-inform when things need to be fixed or new items are needed

  • Help in the development of pricing

  • Keep tally of coaches, referees, security and ambulance staff that will get free meals with meal pass

Scoreboard/Program Ad Sales:

  • Reach out to sponsors for the program ads or scoreboard

  • Collect monies from previous years-give money to treasurer to give to Adina

  • Get ads and send to sign place to have made-pick up and have put on scoreboard

  • Gets ads and put into programs


  • Create program for each home game

  • Take pictures during the games-JV usually needs photos

  • Borrow pictures from Facebook

  • Create Ad space for Ads collected

  • Send to be printed Monday during the week of the game

  • Set up table to sell during home games

  • Sell during home games-Cost is $5.00 per program

  • Check list and provide program to those who bought pre-sale during August parent meeting


  • Maintain Facebook page with updates from Coach

  • Maintain Website with updates from Coach


  • Look for fundraising opportunities and work with vendors to complete the event 

  • Advertise the event

  • If having a raffle, make sure to get raffle items-donations

  • Help with set up and take down of the event

  • Find volunteers to work the event

  • Help count monies with Treasurer

  • Provide all expenses for Treasurer

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